Every Student Matters Fact Sheet

Here are the facts on education funding in Minnesota from the Every Student Matters FACT SHEET

Students-Matter-Sign-2-lightblue School Funding has Decreased

  •  When inflation is accounted for, per pupil funding in Minnesota has decreased by $2,199 over the last 10 years.

When the state can’t foot the bill, schools turn to local property taxes to make up the difference.

  • Since the repeal of the general education levy in 2001, the number of local levies has risen to an all-time high, creating the highest disparities the state has seen in education funding.[1]

This leaves our kids and schools behind.

  • Minnesota is ranked 49th for its racial achievement gap in reading and math.[2]
  • Minnesota ranks 47th and 49th in elementary class sizes based on information provided by the National Center for Education Statistics.
  • Minnesota ranked 35th on total school revenue and 37th on total school spending as a percent of personal income for the 2009-10 school year.[3]
  • Ten districts in Minnesota are on four-day-weeks to save money.[4]
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