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Elk River Petition

Keep Elk River Area Schools and Community Strong!
(Rogers, Elk River, Zimmerman schools)
Support Our Custodians, Food Service and Clerical Employees for Quality Schools!
The leadership of Elk River Schools has presented employees with a plan to devalue our schools by creating lower paying second class jobs for future employees in what should be a first class district.
We are the people who help make education happen for Elk River’s Children because we care about them. We provide a safe, clean nurturing place for children to learn and grow. We support families, teachers and administrators. We feed them nourishing foods, we keep the lights on and the buildings warm and clean and safe. We make sure the reports get filed, the data gets recorded, and the forms get filled out. We answer the questions of anxious parents and children. We are the first in and the last out each and every day. Learning happens because of the support work we do.
We are dedicated to keeping our schools and our community strong. Our children and our community deserve no less. As parents, school employees and members of the Elk River Community we expect our district leadership to show the same dedication by investing in our schools and instead of creating second class employees by devaluing the contribution our work makes to our children’s education.
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