The Union Stew 1/19


I’m sending out a short update to keep you informed of our progress.

We’ve just received the first draft of the final CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) from Hamline’s attorney. This is the first compilation of all the articles that we reached “tentative agreement” on separately. So now we need to take a close look to make sure everything lines up and fits together as we expected it to.

Carol and I have both proofread the CBA. We’ve caught several fairly minor things to correct: small typos; several places where there are inconsistent cross-references from one article to another; a couple paragraphs that were accidentally left out—the type of thing you don’t see until everything gets bundled together. Nothing that should prove controversial, but several things that need to be corrected/added/clarified before the CBA can be distributed to all of you. We’re presently working with the University attorney on addressing these things, and we hope that by the end of the week we have everything ironed out.

Once the CBA (which looks like it will be about 25 pages in length) is in final form we’ll send it out to everyone in the unit to review. That should happen the last week of January. As soon as we can send it out, we’ll also set a date for the ratification vote. These details are not set yet, but you will (by SEIU policy you “must”) have the contract in your hands for two weeks before the vote is held. Full details on the ratification vote will come along with the contract.

One final note, the new compensation scale will become effective at the beginning of Spring Semester even though the ratification vote will come shortly after classes begin.

Looking forward to sharing the CBA with all of you very soon!

In solidarity!


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