Legislative Alert

This week there is lot of action on education funding in the Minnesota House.  On Tues., Mar. 29 the House Education Policy committee will be hearing the Teacher Shortage Act (HF 3132) which would encourage more teachers of color into the profession and help current pre-K educators, para-professionals, and other school district employees become licensed teachers. On Wed., Mar. 30 the House Higher Education committee will be hearing bills that would expand funding for the Student Loan Refinancing Program (HF 2924), and provide a Student Loan Tax Credit (HF 2965) to help Minnesotans pay off their higher education debt. Please e-mail your state house member and let them know that you support these bills.

The more SEIUers we have at Lobby Day the more effectively we can push for funding for education! For more info go to: http://seiumn.org/lobbyday/

In Solidarity,
Carol Nieters
Executive Director
SEIU Local 284

P.S. Sign-up today for SEIU MN’s annual Lobby Day on Tues., Apr. 12!  Sign up on-line.

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