2016 Election Summary

State Election Results

MN State Senate: Republicans had a net pick-up of 6 seats to take the state senate with a 34 to 33 majority.

MN State House: Republicans had a net gain of 4 seats to expand their existing majority to 76 to 57 (one seat has to be decided by a special election in several months.)


School Board Election Results

Big Lake Public Schools: Both incumbents who voted to outsource and privatize our food service members’ jobs were re-elected.  SEIU member endorsed Tony Scales won the third seat left open by a retiring school board member.  SEIU member endorsed Scott Joos-the husband of a Local 284 member was not elected.


Minneapolis Public Schools:  All SEIU member endorsed school board candidates in Mpls Public Schools won their election.

Kim Ellison was elected handily as the At-Large member

Kerry Jo Felder narrowly as the District 2 member

Bob Walser as the District 4 member (narrowly defeating incumbent Josh Reinmetz)

Ira Jourdain in District 6 (narrowly defeating incumbent Tracine Asberry).


*The SEIU member endorsed education funding levy in Mpls passed by a very large margin.


Robbinsdale Public Schools: All three incumbents were re-elected: Helen Bassett, Sherry Tyrrell and John Vento.  Bassett and Vento were SEIU member endorsed.  SEIU member endorsed Andrea Bejarano-Robinson was not elected.


ROCORI Public Schools: SEIU member endorsed Sunny Hesse and Shannon Humbert won two of the three seats open.  Incumbent Lynn Schurman was re-elected-taking the third seat-but incumbent Nadine Schnettler was defeated.  SEIU member endorsed Nicole Bottelberghe was not elected.


St. Cloud Public Schools: SEIU member endorsed Shannon Haws was the top vote-getter for the four seats open.  Monica Segura-Schwartz was in second place, SEIU member endorsed Jeff Pollreis was in third place, and the one incumbent running-Al Dahlgren-came in fourth for the last open seat.  SEIU-endorsed candidates John Palmer and Ric Studer were not elected.


*In school board races 11 of 16 SEIU member endorsed candidates (69%) were elected.  The one levy we supported prevailed.

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