Work of Burnsville SEIU Local 284 Member Highlighted in Star Tribune!


strib-284-590rsBurnsville custodian and SEIU Local 284 member Mark Glende was highlighted in a recent Star Tribune article about work happening at the Sioux Trail Elementary school to make sure students are drinking all of their milk. From the story:

Before their campaign got rolling, Mark Glende, the school custodian, said the Burnsville school was on track to waste about 20 gallons of milk a week. The students brought that number down to less than 8 gallons a week, he said.

Glende would know. He weighs the waste bucket, a piquant combination of leftover milk, juice and water, six times a day after every breakfast and lunch.

In October, Glende began to notice that students were filling up the bucket at the end of lunch by pouring out their milk. He decided to approach the principal, Shannon McParland, and the two decided to take the issue up with the student council.

Read the whole article, and the positive change that is already coming from the work of Mark and others, HERE.

Great work, Mark!

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