Meet new SEIU Local 284 Executive Director Kelly Gibbons

At the February 17th member meeting, Kelly Gibbons was announced as the the new Executive Director of SEIU Local 284 following news that Carol Nieters was stepping down from the role she had held since 2008.

DSC_1215Kelly has been involved in the labor movement for 30 years, starting as a steward and as an active member of her bargaining team.

“I have had the opportunity to build my leadership through SEIU helping me with ongoing trainings and support. I found out what it truly means to be a member because of my work through the negotiation process, being at the table and the boss telling me and my co-workers why we didn’t deserve a raise or insurance.”

Through her time in the labor movement, Kelly has experienced the power of coming together to win better lives for our families and better schools for the students in our communities.

“It was through the experience of organizing a strike to ensure that we were heard at the table that I realized what it meant to have power in numbers. We led a successful strike and ensured that we had insurance for our family’s and a raise. My family called me Kelly Ray because they saw that if there was a fight for workers, I was going to be a part of that fight!”

As she settles into her new role, Kelly has a clear vision of how to continue the work of making SEIU Local 284 a place where we fight for, and win, the strong contracts that we deserve at a time when labor is facing increasing attacks from greedy corporations and CEOs who don’t want us to have a collective voice.

“The union is the only real institution that works for working people to ensure that we have things like quality health care, safety on the job, equitable wage, and a voice at the tables where the decisions are being made. I am excited to have the opportunity to lead this Union that I love. I want to give back what it has been given to me. We live in troubling times and I want to lead this fight against people who are trying to take away our Union and our rights as working people. People died to ensure that we have this institution and I will not forget what they gave up.

“I am hoping to inspire people to reach for the stars and become the new leaders that will continue to fight for working people. When we work together, nothing is impossible. When we stand together in our Union, we are unstoppable!”

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