Local 284 Members in Rochester Rally for “Snow Day” Pay

roch schools

Earlier this year Governor Walz and the Minnesota Legislature passed a “Snow Days” bill that ensured school districts would get funding even if they could not make up all the days that were cancelled this winter because of extreme weather. At the bill signing Gov. Walz was joined by hourly school workers, showcasing that school employees wouldn’t be punished for bad weather. But now, with the money in the hands of school administrators, many districts are refusing to pay hourly workers like paras, bus drivers, maintenance, food service and more. This is wrong!

That’s why member in the Rochester area attended their school board meeting to demand that school workers get paid for the days the district got funding for, just like the Governor and Legislature intended. We are tired of the greed! You can read some news articles below that show the powerful action taken by SEIU members and other school employees. We’ll keep you up to date on developments.

KIMT News: SEIU workers at Rochester Public Schools say they should be paid for snow days.

KTTC (NBC): Rochester Public Schools Employees Request Snow Day Compensation

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