Congratulations to 284 Member Beverly Tinney on Being Awarded the 2019 RISE AWARD!

Recently Local 284 member and Mounds View Paraeducator Beverly Tinney was awarded the 2019 RISE Award for her outstanding work in our schools and in our union. Check out some photos from the award ceremony and read her bio from the program below.

Congrats, Beverly!

Bev 2Beverly Tinney started her career as a social worker before taking time to raise her kids. When she returned to work, it was as a Paraeducator, something she expected to do for “one or two years.” Yet here she is, over 12 years later, beloved by students, co-workers and fellow union members, being awarded the 2019 SEIU Local 284 RISE AWARD WINNER!

Beverly works in a level 3 classroom with students in an ASD program, meaning she often gets to see the
same students over many years, developing relationships and supporting these students in their growth.

As one co-worker shared, Beverly “has an amazing connection with our students.” From giving high fives
in the hallway to remembering important dates in student’s lives, it is clear Beverly cares about the education, well-being and happiness of students. In one story highlighted by a co-worker, Beverly saw a student who struggled in the afternoons and made sure to have a joke ready for them when she saw them. The student looked forward to the joke each day, with their behavior improved and they always
looked forward to seeing Beverly to get their afternoon started right.

RISE awards in Washington, DC, at the U.S. Capitol, June 12, 2019. Photo: Jay Mallin

RISE awards in Washington, DC, at the U.S. Capitol, June 12, 2019. Photo: Jay Mallin

Whether it is a student struggling that Beverly made sure to make time for each day or a co-worker who got sick that Beverly advocated for and checked on while they were out, Beverly is always looking out for others. Her kindness and compassion shine through all that she does.

In addition to her amazing work in the Mounds View Schools, Beverly also is also a union leader, having served on her bargaining team, as a union steward and as a Member Political Organizer (MPO). She was an important leader in in defeating her district’s harmful proposal for involuntary transfers, which would have been detrimental to both students and staff. As unions have been under particularly aggressive attacks the last few years, she has signed up new members, spoken at School Board meetings and led a petition campaign to secure benefits for a co worker going through a difficult health situation.

Beverly’s work for students and public schools has also extended outside of the classroom as she has worked extensively to help elect pro-public education candidates and has worked at the Capitol to hold them accountable to the promises they’ve made to our schools and students.

She has testified in support of education funding and lobbied legislators to make the needed investments in our schools. When she isn’t working with or fighting for our students, she volunteers at multiple organizations and is
involved in fighting for women’s and workers’ rights, joining marches and rallies with fellow Minnesotans.

In all her actions, Beverly is fighting for a future where all
Minnesota students can reach their full potential. Beverly was the clear choice to receive the 2019 RISE AWARD. Combining kindness, compassion, hard work and an unwavering commitment to fight for the future she believes in, Beverly is a wonderful ambassador for our union.

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