Fall 2019 Newsletter

What is Wage Theft?

More than 39,000 Minnesotans report having wages stolen each year by their employers, and that’s just the people who report wage theft. That’s why the Minnesota Legislature passed the strongest wage theft law in the country this past year. We know that wage theft is an issue for our members. Here are some questions to consider in order to make sure you don’t have any stolen wages:

  • Do you have a duty-free scheduled lunch? If not, that’s wage theft.
  • Are you working off the clock? If you are, that’s wage theft.
  • Has a supervisor ever altered your payroll without discussion?

If a supervisor has done this, that’s wage theft.If you think you might be experiencing lost wages after asking yourself these questions, contact your Union Rep. and/or the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry to hold your employer accountable and make sure you are being fairly paid for your time.

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