2019 Political Report

Every child, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or where they live, deserves to pursue their dreams. But certain politicians and their greedy lobbyists are putting our children’s future at risk. They rig the rules to enrich themselves, while they distract us by generating fear based on race, background, and religion. Together, we have the power to pick leaders who believe in all of our children. When we come together across our different communities, we can make Minnesota a state we’re proud to leave our kids, brimming with the new ideas that come from so many different people working together, to benefit everyone.

By working with Governor Walz and the DFL controlled House we won inflationary investments in education, enough new special education funding to make up for the projected increase in costs and maintained 4,000 PreK spots last Spring.

SEIU also helped to pass the strongest protections against wage theft in the country. More than 39,000 Minnesotans report having wages stolen each year by their employers, and that’s just the people who report wage theft. We know that wage theft is an issue for our members. If you are experiencing wage theft on your job you should alert your CO right away.

This Fall we have the opportunity to elect pro-public education, pro-worker school board members in districts across the State. The presidential election will also be heating up this fall. If you are interested in building the political power of the union contact our Political Director Chris Stinson at ChrisS@local284.com.

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