Leadership Assembly – October 2019


On October 26th, member-leaders from across the state gathered at the Fridley Community Center to discuss important updates for SEIU Local 284, take part in trainings, and hear from a variety of speakers. We had a great turnout, thank you to all attended!

In case you missed it, here are a few things we discussed:


General Member Meetingla6

We started out the day with our General Member Meeting to review the Bargaining Report, Legal Report, Political Report, and Financial Report. This was an opportunity for members to be updated on relevant news and things Local 284 has been working on, ask questions, and vote on the budget.

During this section of the day, members that had never attended a Leadership Assembly were also sworn in by Local 284’s president, Keith Niemi.


#ParasWhoCare , Member Wins, & Training

la7After the general member meeting, leaders heard about Contract Campaign successes, member wins that occurred after joining SEIU Local 284, and then they split off into three different groups to get trained up on signing up members!


Minnesota PERA

After Lunch we had the opportunity to hear from Luis Argueta with the Minnesota Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) organization. He gave a presentation about the PERA Benefits available to public employees and answered many questions we all had.
We heard about the benefit options available in this pension, learned how PERA calculates your benefits and how PERA fits into your overall financial plan.

This session gave us a great overview of PERA and was ideal for people in any stage of their career. Overall this was a very informative part of the day, and we hope we will have the opportunity to provide this presentation la8again in the future!

If you’re interested in doing some research into this program on your own, their website has some very helpful information.


Call to Action and Final Words Steve Frisque, UAW

Finally, we ended the day with the opportunity to hear from Steve Frisque about the recent General Motors strikes that were occurring across the U.S.. The la9UAW members stood together for fair wages, quality affordable health care, a share of the profits, and a pathway to permanent status for temporary employees. Ultimately, they reached an agreement just before Steve, the president of UAW Local 722 in Hudson, gave a presentation, so it was a wonderful opportunity to hear about  their hard work paying off.

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