Steward Training Webinars

Trainings will be conducted via Zoom.  Click here for tips on getting started with Zoom.

*Note you must attend both parts 1 & 2.

NOTE: Novice Stewards are those stewards who have attended any steward trainings or have not attended any trainings in the last five years.


Part 1 – Stewards Rights & Responsibilities:  Roles of a steward, Weingarten Rts., What protections do stewards have, what is the Equality Principle, Tennessen Warnings, Do I really have to represent everyone?  And, how to sign up new members.
Part 2 – Investigatory & Disciplinary Meetings:  The stewards’ role in investigatory meetings, ensuring due process, what is just cause, what is the stewards’ role in disciplinary meetings, what is progressive discipline, and much more!

Stay tuned for upcoming dates & times.


Part 1 & 2 – The Grievance Process:  Learn the 5 step process for grievance handling that starts with how to know if you have a grievance, includes how to investigate the grievance, how to collect your evidence, how to prepare your presentation and ends with how to effectively present the grievance to management.  This training also covers what is a past practice grievance, what do we do if we don’t have a grievance, how to write a formal grievance, and much more!

Stay tuned for upcoming dates & times.

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