SEIU Local 284 Updates On #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

justiceforgeorgeAs our community deals with the fallout from the police killing of George Floyd, we will use this page for various updates and statements our union has made around this issue. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Initial Statement the Day After The Killing

SEIU Responds to Police Killing in Minneapolis

“Our Union fights so every family – no matter our job, race, gender, birthplace or religion – can live a safe and happy life. Systematic police violence against communities of color, especially the black community, in Minnesota and across our country is making that reality impossible for too many.

“On Monday, George Floyd, a black Minnesotan, was killed by a Minneapolis Police officer. His face was pinned to the ground for almost five minutes by a white police officer as he repeated, ‘I can’t breath.’ As a community, we are outraged and horrified by another unjust killing of a black man by the police. We call on the City of Minneapolis to take immediate and appropriate action.

“We firmly believe that we must continue to dismantle the systematic racism and persecution of black lives. To everyone hurting and to everyone ready to fight for a better future, we stand with you.”

Demands onMike Freeman to Act


Our community can’t begin to address the pain and harm caused by George Floyd’s killing until the four officers responsible are brought to justice.

SEIU continues to be ready to fight for systematic change to address anti-black racism, but we can’t begin that process until the four officers responsible are arrested and charged.
Our Union demands immediate arrests and prosecution from Mike Freeman’s office.

Statement to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman Following Arrest of Derek Chauvin

The news of the arrest of Derek Chauvin is a positive step for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd‘s family and our whole community. But to achieve real justice, the remaining three officers who participated in #GeorgeFloyd’s killing must be arrested and charged. We need to fix our criminal justice system and build a state where Black Minnesotans can live free from fear of police brutality.

As a union of over 50,000 Minnesotans, who are united across race and place in our fight for systematic change to address anti-black racism, we renew our demand on Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to take immediate action to arrest and appropriately charge the other three officers.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

Our Statement Ahead of MPS Vote to Cut Ties With MPD (That passed unanimously!)

SEIU Local 284, the Union that represents 500 Minneapolis Public School employees who do custodial and food service work, joined the calls supporting the Minneapolis School Board plan to cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department following the killing of George Floyd. The MPD has been contracted by the public schools to provide school resource officers since 1967.

Ahead of the vote, SEIU Local 284 Executive Director Kelly Gibbons released the following statement:

“SEIU members in Minneapolis and across our state believe in making a future where all families – no matter our race, zip code, job or wealth – have public schools where our students feel safe and have the resources they need to thrive. But in Minneapolis it has long been clear that Black families aren’t able to feel safe from the people who are supposed to serve and protect us. The killing of George Floyd last week has made clear for anyone who had any doubts that our system is broken and needs to be changed. A positive first step to enacting change in our public schools would be for the Minneapolis Public Schools to cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department. Not only will this make our schools safer and more welcoming, but imagine what kind of community-driven projects we could fund with this money to actually help and support our students. We are in full support of MPS cutting ties with MPD and believe this can be a first step towards building a better future for all students in the Minneapolis Public Schools.”

The day after Local 284’s announcement, the Board voted unanimously to  adopt the plan to sever ties with MPD.  In addition, SEIU Local 284 will be joining with students, parents and other school employee union members over the summer to find  new ways to provide public safety in their schools.

Our Statement of Support Joining AFL-CIO and Others Calling for MPLS Police Union President Bob Kroll to Resign

Please Stay Home. (5)SEIU in Minnesota is united with the MN AFL-CIO & our Minnesota labor family in calling for Minneapolis Police Union President Bob Kroll’s immediate resignation.

The State of Minnesota & the Labor Movement have no room for racism!

If you missed it earlier this afternoon, read the AFL’s statement:…/minnesota-afl-cio-calls-minneapo…

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