Your Contract is on the Ballot!!

Because of the pandemic Minnesota is facing a nearly 6 billion dollar budget shortfall. You’ve probably already started to hear districts plead poverty in bargaining because they think the budget deficit is going to result in cuts to education.

You can see why districts think that cuts are likely. The current state budget is about 48 billion dollars and education is almost 24 billion dollars. It’s virtually impossible to cut 6 billion dollars without cutting Education.  

The leaders we elect in November are going to choose how to fill the budget gap. They can cut Education – and we all know that those cuts never seem to fall on the Administrators OR they can raise taxes on the rich and corporations that have continued to do well in spite of the pandemic. I know that our members are doing their part to get their communities through this pandemic. The wealthy and companies like Amazon need to do their part too.

That’s why it’s so important that we elect pro-union, pro-public education candidates up and down the ballot this year. Click here  so that you can register to join us for a blitz.

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