Benefits for Local 284 Members include:

PERA Pension for Public Employees: PERA

Scholarship form 2018 – A random drawing at the April Executive Board Meeting for 6 $500 scholarships–closed deadline was 3.31.18

AFL-CIO Scholarships

Local 284 Member Memorial Fund
There is a member memorial fund for members who pass away regardless of the circumstances. A memorial of up to $2,500.00 and a plant/flower is sent. Members’ dues at the time must be in good standing. A copy of the obituary is needed to process.

The date of membership of the deceased member shall determine the amount paid based on either A or B below.

A. A member in good standing with a membership date prior to July 1, 2017, the member memorial benefit shall be $2,500.

B. A member in good standing with a membership date of July 1, 2017 or after, the memorial benefit shall be calculated based on a vesting model. (e.g. Membership in good standing day 1 up to 1 year the memorial benefit is 10% of the total benefit or $250; Membership in good standing 1 year up to 2 years membership the memorial benefit is 20% of the total benefit or $500; Membership in good standing 2 years up to 3 years membership the memorial benefit is 30% of the total benefit or $750 and so on until 9 years of membership in good standing at which time the full memorial benefit of $2500 is paid.

If you have any questions, please call Andrea Running at 651-256-9111 or email at

Memorial – A $75 memorial in a check form is sent to a member whose spouse, child or parent dies. This is available for up to five (5) years following the event.

Accidental Death/Dismemberment Benefit – $3,000 Member benefit at no cost.  Also available at no cost, a Health Service Discount Card and Child Safe Kit.  Available thru American Income Life Ins Co.   For more information on these benefits, check this link to AIL’s website.

Maintenance of Dues Program  – Members who suffer from an injury or illness and no longer receive a check from the school district may be eligible for dues payments from this fund – Contact the Union office for details

Free Discount Prescription Cards

NOTE: SEIUMB will be down from 11.9-11.18

SEIU Member Benefits

Union Plus Benefits

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