Worksite Contracts

Anoka-Hennepin ISD 11 Custodians

Augsburg University

Becker ISD 726 Multiple Unit

Becker ISD 726 Transportation

Big Lake ISD 727 Multi-Unit

Bloomington ISD 271 Custodians/Transportation

Braham ISD 314 Custodians

Braham ISD 314 Food Service

Braham ISD 314 Secretaries/Paras

Brooklyn Center ISD 286 Custodians/Food Service

Brooklyn Center ISD 286 Paraprofessionals/Clerical

Buffalo ISD 877 Custodians

Buffalo ISD 877 Secretaries

Burnsville ISD 191 Custodians

Burnsville ISD 191 Food Service

Cambridge – Isanti ISD 911 Paras

Cambridge – Isanti ISD 911 Food Service

Cambridge – Isanti ISD 911 Custodians

Cambridge – Isanti ISD 911 Secretaries

Chartwell/Big Lake ISD 727 Food Service

Chisago Lakes ISD 2144 Secretaries

Columbia Heights ISD 13 Paras

Columbia Heights ISD 13 Food Service

Columbia Heights ISD 13 Custodians

Columbia Heights ISD 13 Secretaries

Dassel Cokato ISD 466 Custodians

Delano ISD 879 Paras

Delano ISD 879 Custodians

Delano ISD 879 Secretaries

Eden Prairie ISD 272 Bus Drivers

Eden Prairie ISD 272 Custodians

Eden Prairie ISD 272 Food Service

Edina ISD 273 Custodians/Bus Drivers

Elk River ISD 728 Custodians

Elk River ISD 728 Food Service

Elk River ISD 728 Secretaries

Foley ISD 51 Food Service

Foley ISD 51 Custodians

Foley ISD 51 Secretaries

Forest Lake ISD 831 Food Service

Fridley ISD 14 Paras

Fridley ISD 14 Food Service

Fridley ISD 14 Secretaries

GFW ISD 2365 Multiple Unit

Glencoe-Silver Lake ISD 2859 Multiple Unit

Hamline University

Hastings ISD 200 Food Service

Hopkins ISD 270 Paras

Hopkins ISD 270 Custodians

Hopkins ISD 270 ELCC

Howard Lake-Waverly ISD 2687 Custodians

Hutchinson ISD 423 Custodians

Intermediate School District 287 Multiple Unit

Isle ISD 473 Multiple Unit

Jordan ISD 717 Multiple Unit

Lakeville ISD 194 Custodians

LeSueur Henderson ISD 2397 Custodians

Litchfield ISD 465 Food Service

Maple Lake ISD 881 Multiple Unit

Maplewood ISD 622 Paras

Milaca ISD 912 Paras

Milaca ISD 912 Food Service

Minneapolis ISD 1 Custodians

Minneapolis ISD 1 Food Service

Minneapolis College of Art and Design Adjunct

Minneapolis College of Art and Design FT

Minnetonka ISD 276 Food Service

Minnetonka ISD 276 Custodians

Monticello ISD 882 Paras

Monticello ISD 882 Food Service

Monticello ISD 882 Custodians

Monticello ISD 882 Secretaries

Mora ISD 332 Custodians

Mounds View ISD 621 Paras

Mounds View ISD 621 Custodians

Mounds View ISD 621 Secretaries

NE Metro ISD 916 Multiple Unit

New Prague ISD 721 Paras

New Prague ISD 721 Bus Drivers

New Prague ISD 721 Food Service

New Prague ISD 721 Custodians

New Ulm ISD 721 Food Service

New Ulm ISD 88 Custodians

New Ulm ISD 88 Secretaries

North Branch ISD 138 Custodians

Orono ISD 278 Paras

Orono ISD 278 Food Service

Orono ISD 278 Custodians

Orono ISD 278 Secretaries

Paynesville ISD 741 Food Service

Paynesville ISD 741 Custodians

Pequot Lakes ISD 186 Multiple Unit

Pine River ISD 2174 Multiple Unit

Princeton ISD  477 Food Service

Prior Lake ISD 719 Food Service

Richfield ISD 280 Paras

Richfield ISD 280 Food Service

Richfield ISD  280 Custodians

Richfield ISD 280 Secretaries

Robbinsdale ISD 281 Food Service

Robbinsdale ISD 281 Custodians

Rochester ISD 535 Food Service

Rockford ISD 883 Multiple Unit

Rocori ISD 750 Paras

Rosemount ISD 196 Bus Drivers

Rum River Special Education Cooperative ISD 6079

Sartell-St. Stephen ISD 748 Multiple Unit

Sartell-St. Stephen ISD 748 Secretaries

Sauk Rapids ISD 47 Paras

Sauk Rapids ISD 47 Custodians

Sauk Rapids ISD 47 Secretaries

Shakopee ISD 720 Food Service

Shakopee ISD 720 Custodians

Spring Lake Park ISD 16 Food Service

Spring Lake Park ISD 16 Custodians

St. Anthony ISD 282 Paras/Secretaries

St. Anthony ISD 282 Food Service

St. Anthony ISD 282 Custodians

St. Cloud ISD 742 Food Service

St. Cloud ISD 742 Secretaries

St. Francis ISD 15 Custodians

St. Louis Park ISD 283 Food Service

St. Louis Park ISD 283 Custodians

St. Michael ISD 885 Custodians

St. Michael ISD 885 Multiple Unit

TCU ISD 2905 Paraprofessionals

Waconia ISD 110 Custodians

Watertown-Mayer ISD 111 Food Service

Watertown-Mayer ISD 111 Custodians

Wayzata ISD 284 Food Service

Wayzata ISD 284 Custodians

Wayzata ISD 284 ELCC

Wayzata ISD 284 Secretaries

West St. Paul ISD 197 Paras

West St. Paul ISD 197 Bus Drivers

West St. Paul ISD 197 Food Service

Westonka Mound ISD 277 Paras

Westonka Mound ISD 277 Food Service

Westonka Mound ISD 277 Custodians

White Bear Lake ISD 624 Extended Day

White Bear Lake ISD 624 Paras

White Bear Lake ISD 624 Secretaries



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