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BREAKING NEWS : Hastings Food Service Vote to Authorize a Strike!

January 6, 2023

BREAKING❗️❕ Hastings Independent School District 200 Food Service Employees with SEIU Local 284 Vote With 92% Support to Authorize a Strike if District Administration Refuses to Settle a Fair Contract HASTINGS – Food service workers in Hastings Independent School District 200 represented by the SEIU Local 284 voted on Monday with 92% support to authorize a strike to ensure a fair contract. SEIU Local 284 workers have been bargaining since June 9th and have been clear that any settlement needs to include a fair wage increase to combat the impact of historic inflation and maintain stability through regular hours and health insurance benefits. The union would have to file a 10-day notice before any strike action.

Sara Rapp, a food service employee at Hastings High School, expressed her concerns:
“It’s unfortunate that our exhausting efforts to continue serving the students, with half the staff, seem unappreciated because every cafeteria team member deserves to be fairly compensated for all our hard work! Having a strong contract that every current employee would benefit from would also bring new applicants in, which we so desperately need.”
With budgeting becoming tighter due to inflation and the holidays quickly approaching, the bargaining team is looking for stability and an end to staff shortages through their union contract. This includes:
• Equitable raises for new and experienced employees to meet the rising costs of living
• Maintain single insurance cost-sharing and guarantee improvements in the family insurance plans
• Maintain contract hour guarantees to ensure stable hours and adequate staffing
As wages continue to rise in all sectors to meet rising prices, employees in ISD200 are worried their current pay is insufficient to attract new talent.
Julie Clark, a food service employee at Hastings High School, details the workers' needs:
“As a team, we all work great together, even with the short-staffed environment. We always strive for quality food, and we never want to cut corners for our kids. With that said, coworkers are becoming increasingly sick because we are overworked and extremely underpaid compared to school districts nearby. That makes it impossible to get people to sign on to work with us.”
The group comprises 35 workers whose next steps will be to continue mediation before the new year.