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BREAKING NEWS Intermediate District 287 Votes to Authorize Strike!

December 1, 2022

Intermediate District 287 School Employees with SEIU Local 284 Vote with Overwhelming Majority to Authorize Strike if District Administration Refuses to Settle a Fair Contract Read More Below

ISD 287 – Intermediate District 287 employees with SEIU Local 284 voted Tuesday with an overwhelming majority to authorize a strike if district administration refuses to settle a fair contract. SEIU 284 workers have been bargaining since May 2nd and have been clear that any settlement needs to include a fair wage increase to minimize the impact of historic inflation and to maintain their health insurance benefits as they are today. The group comprises 59 employees who work as facilities maintenance, administrative assistants and school nutrition workers.

Bryce Koenig, a skilled maintenance employee at West Education Center, speaks on the employees’ behalf:

“It's time for the district to get serious about settling a fair contract when it comes to our members’ wages and healthcare. Our message is clear: we need a contract that works for all of us. To keep the dedicated and qualified employees working every day who make our students a top priority, the district needs to understand their employees’ working conditions are our students' learning conditions."

With inflation reaching number records and the holidays approaching, 284 workers in Intermediate District 287 are bargaining for a fair contract that includes:

• Wages that meet the rising costs of living

• Maintain the current health insurance standards

Patty McKay, a clerical member at Ann Bremer Education Center, explains her frustration:

"With inflation at a historic high and the high cost of housing, this is unacceptable. We have been losing ground on our wages for years. All we are asking for is a fair increase for our hard-working members.”

SEIU 284 workers hope a strike can be averted at their upcoming mediation sessions on December 5th and 6th with Intermediate 287 Administration.

Tuesday's vote gives the bargaining team the authority to call for a strike if necessary. Prior to a strike, SEIU 284 would file with the Bureau of Mediation Services an intent to strike and initiate a 10-day cooling-off period.