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Intermediate District 287 ramps up efforts with Informational Picket

November 14, 2022

Intermediate District 287 held an informational Picket on Thursday, November 10th as part of their efforts to obtain a fair contract.

Intermediate District 287 employees with SEIU LOCAL 284 have signed on to a petition with a supermajority to declare they are willing to strike for a fair contract

Intermediate District 287 – Facilities, administrative support, and food services represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 284 signed petitions to authorize their elected bargaining team to begin the steps necessary to vote on authorizing a strike to secure a fair contract.

Bryce Koenig, a skilled maintenance employee at West Education Center, explains their stance:

"Our members supported and continue to support students through unprecedented times, and now we are asking the same in return from the district as our families try to make ends meet. More than ever, we are united in defending living wages and quality healthcare. I believe in the good work my coworkers and I do at 287, and I see the dedication we have for the students and this job every day."

The bargaining team is fighting for reasonable requests in a district where their negotiated budget increase currently makes up less than 1% of the district’s total budget. These requests include the following:

· To maintain their 90% employer contribution to family healthcare · Fair wage increases to address the accelerating rate of inflation

With markets continuing to be unpredictable and inflation creating tighter budgets at home, workers are looking for stability in their union contracts.

Lisa Hager, an administrative support staff member at the district service center, details the unease felt amongst staff:

"With costs constantly rising and being unpredictable, it is so important to have the stability my union-negotiated health insurance plan gives my family. When everyone is scared about rising prices, I can’t believe the district threatens my family’s stability. My colleagues and I are not going to take it.”

The group brings together 59 employees, ramping up their efforts to make sure a fair contract is reached. Over the next couple of weeks, they will decide what steps are needed to get a fair contract with the district.